Awesome MTB Tricks

Tired of using your mountain bike to ride the same trails over and over again? Why not up your game a bit with some cool tricks. There are lots of sweet things you can do on your mountain bike other than just riding trails and jumping over rocks and other debris in the trail path. Sure, it takes a bit of time and skill to learn some of these tricks, and you might end up on one of those mountain bike trick fails video compilations for a while, but trust me – it’s worth it in the end. Once you master some of these cool moves, you will be on your way to small time fame.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about:

Learn these 8 cool MTB tricks you can do almost anywhere. Mountain biking is supposed to be, throw these simple MTB tricks in on your ride and impress your friends.

Pretty cool huh? Well, here’s another. This video shows you how to find fun things to mountain bike on in the street. These techniques don’t require a mountain bike trail, which is one of the best things about riding street. You can do this stuff on your lunch break, or when you can’t get to the trails.

urbs and sidewalks can provide a nice boost for practicing your jumping skills. Just approach a curb a comfortable speed, and pull up like you’re going to do a bunny hop. If you don’t really know how to bunny hop, this might actually help you learn. Some curbs work better than others, but they always provide some fun when you’re just riding around town.

If you lock up your rear brake, you can hop your bike like a pogo stick. This technique is actually very important for mountain bike trials, and learning it will increase your agility. Just lock your brake, and rock your bike up on to your back wheel. Just like a real pogo stick, you’re relying on the handlebars, not the pedals. Start out with just a few hops, until you can keep hopping nonstop. For a real challenge, try this on a road bike with drop bars.

Learning to track stand will benefit technical trail riders and even racers who want to get a perfect start. Track standing gets its name from the fixed gear track bikes it originated on, however standing in place on a mountain bike is very easy to learn. For beginners, use the start/stop technique. Stop your bike, then ride away. Keep doing this, and make the stops longer and longer. When standing in place, pull your brake lever, turn your wheel, and shift your weight around to keep the bike up. For this, one, practice makes perfect.

Almost any wall can be used to do an endo to fakie. Just roll up to a ledge or wall, get your back wheel off the ground, and then use your momentum on the landing to get going backwards. Keep trying to pull the front end of your bike around until you’re able to transition to forward riding.

In a construction area, you can use highway dividers like a mini wall ride. Ride up to the divider at a low angle, and tilt your bike away as you jump on to the divider. In many cases you may even be able to ride up the divider without jumping at all. You may be surprised at how easy and fun this one is, plus it prepares you for the next technique—flat wallrides.

For that, you’ll need to practice bunny hopping into a standing position. This is basically a bunny hop into a straight up ninja kick. Keep practicing this jump until you’re confident you can jump your bike flat on to a wall. Ride up to a nice flat wall at about 45 degrees, and try this technique while staying on the bike. Yeah…I know, not really the best instructions, but that’s the whole trick really. You need to go balls out. If you can find a nice little kicker before the wall it will help you get on too, but you’re a lucky son of a bitch if you have a lot of nice wallrides in your city.

Skinnies are also a fun and welcoming obstacle that can be found just about anywhere. These are really easy to learn since any painted lines can work as practice. You also don’t need to try anything you’re not comfortable with, practice makes perfect.